Student Union


As per Government rule and the University statute, the college has a students' union. The members of this union are elected annually from and by the students of this College. The students' union takes the responsibility of organizing Fresher's Welcome for newly admitted students, common room activities, cultural programs of this College, etc.


The college has had a Students Association since its inception. They have been actively engaged in the academic and administrative functions as the college strongly believes in democratic values and gives opportunity to students in supporting the co-curricular and extracurricular activities conducted in the college. In this line, below we discuss the list of representation in administrative, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. Also, we discuss the processes and norms for the representation.

Representation in administration

There are many committees in which student representation in administrative bodies is allowed. For example, Student union, class representative, Anti-ragging committee, IQAC committee, etc.

  • Student union:  Every year the Student union is constituted by direct election or by nominations through merit according to government rule. In this process, Student Union President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Joint-secretary are elected or nominated. The class representative of each class is also elected or nominated. The complete list of student unions from 2014-15 to 2019-20 can be seen in the link 
  • An anti-ragging committee is working in the college. One member from senior students and one member from junior students are nominated. This committee has an anti-ragging squad and a team of teachers, local citizens, administrative officers, guardians of students, and the Principal. Observe the link.
  • The IQAC committee is working in the college. One or two members are nominated from the student's section. Alumni, external members, teachers, administrative officers from college are other members of the committee. Representation in the IQAC committee can be seen through the link. 

Representation in co-curricular activities: There are many committees in which student representation is done. For example, the Departmental academy, NSS Committee, Cultural and Literacy committee, SVEEP and Cleanliness committee, etc.

SVEEP aims to move awareness programs among students to include their names in the voter list. The students nominated for this aim are called Campus Ambassadors. The Cultural and Literacy committee also keeps members for their help in the committee.

Representation in extra-curricular activities

  • Cultural Committee: The Cultural committees are constituted annually by the Principal for the students. Each committee has a coordinator and one member from all departments, and student representatives to look into all cultural aspects of the campus and to organize all cultural programs and events like Fresher’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Talents Day, Fests, and Annual Day, etc. in the college.
  • Sports Committee: Under the chairmanship of the Principal, the In-charge of Sport and members from the faculty, student players as representatives who take the lead role in organizing various sports and games competitions apart from Annual Sports Day.
  • NSS Committee: The NSS wing of the college is actively organizing various activities with the motto of SERVE TO LEARN, LEARN TO SERVE. Annual NSS camp is held every year where the students are involved in cleaning the village with the active involvement of community members. Every year they nominate students to take help in the function of the unit. NSS nominates one “Maha-dal-Nayak” and many “Dalnayak” for good conduction of 7-days camp.