• The principle point of any library is to give permission to appropriate data, to the right clients in as feasible as a brief time frame. In an atmosphere of data blast, because of the developing requests of the client and contracting of monetary assets, the library can't acquire all the perusing materials on request.
  • Library automation is used to justify the computerization of traditional and manual housekeeping routines of a library.
  • Our college is established in 2007 with one post of Librarian. Since then, there are nearly 11,000 books on all subjects and departments like Commerce, Science, and Art. There is no officially electronic software purchased and installed in the library of the college, however. The process of books issue and return and visit the library for study by students and teachers in the library is being done by manual entry of books in the various registers.


Bills of Purchase books for the library during the period 1 April, 2016 to 31 March 2021

Library Book Bills 2020-21.pdf

Library Books Bills 2019-20.pdf

Library Books Bills 2018-19.pdf

Library Books Bills 2017-18.pdf