Our college adopts systematic procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities like laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms, etc. The College takes direct initiative in the maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure and support facilities. The Principal, Financial Administrator, and Office superintendent monitor the quality of maintenance of infrastructure and equipment. The custodians of the equipment frequently examine them for timely maintenance and repairs to ensure performance and accuracy.

College Campus Cleanliness program:

  • There are four employees for this purpose. Two of them are government employees and two are JBS employees. JBS employees clean the campus regularly. They sanitize the classrooms, staffroom, seminar hall, laboratory, and veranda. One JBS employee looks after the plants. Sweeper cleans all the 5 toilets daily.
  • Dustbins are kept in front of the classrooms. Students are asked to throw the rough paper in these dustbins. There are cleanliness captains nominated by NSS in each classroom. They also take part in the cleanliness awareness program held by NSS.
  • There are three lab attendants against the sanctioned post, so these employees clean the laboratory time-to-time under the supervision of the Head of the department.
  • Water purifiers are maintained from time to time.

Academic and support facilities:

  • Projectors, Computers, CCTVs, Wi-Fi and anti-virus, etc. are maintained by a responsible officer from the teaching staff. There is a technical officer for this purpose, under which the non-teaching staff and computer operator operate these items. If there is any mechanical or functional error in the above academic and support facilities, the HoD has to write an application to the Principal for its maintenance.
  • Maintenance of the library: Library facilities are open to the students from 10.30 am to 5 pm. Maintenance and utilization of library resources are done strictly following the library rules. The maximum period of issue of books is fourteen days. The students can access the reference books in the reference section. One post of book-lifter is vacant in this college. A post of JBS employee is appointed every year. He keeps the library Maintenance.
  • Laboratory: Lab equipment is strictly inspected by lab assistants before the commencement of practical classes and examinations. Users register & logbooks are maintained and the Instruments are used within the closeness of teachers. Maintenance of funds procured from State/Central Governments and the UGC are utilized for the maintenance of specified items. The maintenance expenses that are not specified above are met by the college administration. Electrically sensitive equipment is provided with necessary backup to ensure steady functioning and to safeguard against voltage fluctuations.
  • Computers: The College has a System Administrator to oversee the maintenance of the Computer Systems. Any repair beyond the scope of the system administrator, external agencies are called for.
  • Sports facilities: The Maintenance of the sports ground is done by students. College staff, as well as alumni of the college, help him in this work partially, especially in ground making and organizing tournaments. All Sports facilities of the college are under the in-charge of the sport. A sports room in the college for sports equipment. The maintenance of the ground is done regularly.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: The college building was constructed by the state PWD (Public work department). In time-to-time PWD maintains the college building. It whitewashes and repairs some broken items if necessary. Besides, the Nagar- Panchayat keeps watch and does minor construction and repair, if needed and demanded by the college.
  • Classroom: The classrooms are well maintained and cleaned regularly every day by the sweeper.
  • Furniture: Much furniture is broken every year. Also, the strength of the college increases every year. The number of examinees in regular and private classes is increasing every year. So, the furniture is a necessary item to maintain. Keeping this in mind, every year furniture is either purchased or repaired from broken furniture.


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