• The College provides a range of IT facilities to help students and faculty with their studies. This includes extensive computer provision and the Internet. One classroom was furnished with an LCD projector to enable teachers and students to switch over to IT-supported teaching-learning methods. These IT-supported facilities are regularly updated. The College office uses a LAN facility and software for admission of students and fee collection.
  • There are different digital technological facilities available in the college. There are 01- smart classrooms available in the college. There is open access to Wi-Fi connectivity for all students and the staff members of the college. All the departments of the college are provided with computers and other related accessories. All teaching staff members use ICT in the classrooms and laboratories whenever needed. The different educational sites are shown to the students with the help of digital devices. Most of the official work is being done with the help of ICT.

The college regularly maintains the IT facilities. Following are some basic facilities for updation:

  • The computer is formatted regularly.
  • The college itself formats the computer without any fees and with the help of a computer operator.
  • Anti-virus is regularly installed on computers. All computers have antivirus.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is available as mentioned in 4.1.1, i.e., in the Principal’s Office room, IQAC room, NAAC room, administrative block.
  • CCTV is installed in every classroom and campus.
  • The college Website is maintained by the Karn-Arjun brothers
  • College pays a fee for maintenance.