The College provides a range of IT facilities to help students and faculty with their studies. This includes extensive computer provision and the Internet. These IT facilities are updated annually. The College office uses a LAN facility and software for admission of students and fee collection. The college issued a separate Personal Computer to each department with the printer. The college has installed a separate Wi-Fi unit for the students and faculty members inside the campus. Broadband Leased Line Internet connection is highly useful to function all the above devices very speedily. All staff members are well familiar with all the latest ICT tools. All departments use PPT and multimedia to simplify the syllabus in a more meaningful way. Social media is skillfully used by the college through its Whatsapp group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and all these links are visible on the front page of the website.

The institution encourages teachers to attend training programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences related to ICT use or innovation in the teaching-learning process. In the previous year 2020-21, all teachers are conducting online classes through google meets.

The use of ICT helps in teaching and learning. ICT helps teachers to interact with students. It helps in the effectiveness of the classroom study. It is a tool for teaching and learning itself, the medium through which teachers can teach and learners. It appears in many different forms.

ICT enabled tools:

  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT) enabled teaching methodologies are being used by some faculty members in classrooms.
  • The use of multimedia teaching aids like LCD projectors, classrooms with internet-enabled
  • Computer/laptops/tablet systems are occasionally used by some teachers in the classroom.
  • The seminar hall is equipped with multimedia facilities using ICT tools. Invited talks are conducted in seminar halls using ICT facilities.
  • Guest lecture organized using ICT facilities.
  • Social media WhatsApp groups are also formed. In this group, the important study material is sent. The notes, old question paper, Lecture video, etc. are sent to students. Students get contact with each- other and also with teachers.
  • If any problem or exercise is unsolved, then it is put in this media. The teacher searched for the solution and sent it to the student. Especially in the Commerce and Mathematics department.
  • Other departments also use ICT for teaching. The college activity is sent to each other, like photos, messages, and information. This method helps students to join up with the college.